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Rising Billboard Producer Sisco Kennedy is known as the "one-man band". As a singer, songwriter, producer and engineer, Sisco is able to deliver everything from top-line songwriting, vocal arrangements, artist/writer development and programming, to full-length albums. His passion for music started shaping Sisco musically as a young teenager while DJ-ing at his father’s night club in Warwick, RI. By the age of 16, Sisco was spinning to a packed audience on a weekly basis and developing as an artist/DJ and musical entrepreneur. 

As a DJ, Sisco collected and studied all genres of music, including Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B and EDM, developing a gifted “ear” for music production. This diversity proved handy once he began producing his own records years later. His unique style has been influenced by great inspirations such as Max Martin, Marilyn Manson, Phil Collins, Dolly Parton and Rick Rubin.

In 2009, Sisco began to dabble in the Hip-Hop world by entering into beat contests hosted by New York City. In all music production, elements of progressive melodies and melodic rhythmic patterns spilled into his records creating his “commercial sound”. Judges told Sisco time and time again, “You are a pop producer trying to blend into hip-hop beats. Stay true to you, make pop music, and you will smash this game”. 

Sisco then stopped trying to create what he thought others wanted to hear, and began to create his own original popular music. As a DJ, Sisco would recognize number one records before they hit the billboard charts and became a visionary, seeing and hearing emerging trends and the ‘next’ top 40 single. By devoting his time to all of the music charts, Sisco studied the most talented and successful writers and producers in the industry, and used their inspirational guidance as a tool for creating his own.

Now, at age 29, Sisco Kennedy fuses his two passions together by DJ-ing and producing remixes to all of the #1 charting and latest trending records. He produces custom production and mixes, remaking major artist’s songs to up-tempo styles desired by his style of DJ-ing in the night club world. As a remixer, Sisco prides himself in staying ahead of the trend by consistently delivering energetic and exciting remixes of the newest top 40 hits. His latest production placements include two songs on Dancehall superstar Future Fambo’s 2016 album “Evolve”. Sisco Kennedy’s production credits include tracks #6 and #13. Less than a week after release, the album debuted on the Billboard Reggae/Dancehall charts at #2. 



I've owned and operated a Dj Service in Rhode Island, USA since 2003.  I pride myself on providing professional service for Weddings, birthdays, corporate event ect..

Besides being a Dj , I also write and produce my own music. From 2009 to 2012 I ran a recording studio in Rhode Island. 

Now my focus is on private projects and weekly remixes for some of the largest Dj pools in the country.

Kennedy's biggest influence would have to be his Dad, He guided him to the path he is on today. Unfortunately his Father passed away June 7th 2017. In the video below you can see a glimpse of the life he lived. Theres even a few pictures of the studio he built where kennedy was born and created his first few years of music